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Container Services

Wymondham freight can provide a complete, all-inclusive intermodal container traffic service, using its own in-house resources and expertise combined with carefully selected external service providers. The service covers every step from receiving deep sea containers on arrival at the dockside and taking them to storage or  onward shipment to any location in the UK . Operating as a full outsourced logistics service or complementing the client's Supply Chain Management strategy, the Group's intermodal expertise adds value and provides effective cost control, all from a single point of contact.

As one of the UK's independent private logistics providers, Wymondham freight can offer more than 50000 sqft of high quality warehousing able to accommodate container traffic, with handling and other import/export services. The Group works closely with a number of partner companies and organisations to provide clients with a seamless, fully integrated service. Its fleet of HGVs - equipped to handle ISO containers - is complemented by the services of a network of independent transport partners, operating a range of vehicles selected to match individual assignments