Wymondham Freight

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Value Added Services

Wymondham freight has established expertise in all aspects of materials handling and offers a full range of cost-effective and value added ancillary services at each location, including order picking, mail order fulfilment, packaging, labelling, break bulk and bar coding.  Specialist equipment is also available for the movement of drums, paper reels, wood products and cartons.

An increasing number of organisations are recognising the benefits to be gained from outsourcing. This enables companies to focus on their core business and utilise the expertise of a specialist to add value to their operations.

The shared user approach often leads to cost reductions because economies of scale are utilised, an important benefit for customers in the face of ever-increasing competition. Resources can also be switched easily to meet changes in clients' needs, allowing firms to react quickly to market developments. Storage capacity can also be increased or decreased according to demand, thereby keeping overheads to a minimum.

Extensive Warehousing Facilities

Wymondham freights well equipped, high quality warehousing extends to over 50000 sq ft  with the distribution centre having further development capabilities.

Whilst the majority of warehousing is occupied on a shared user basis, dedicated facilities, staff and systems can be provided if required.